Dec 20, 2012

16 MP Goodness

Hey everyone, Merry (almost) Christmas you!

I've been winding down after a long busy semester, and now that I have some time, I can bring to you a few photographs, that, while they may not be considered "art" by some, I feel that they are, and at the very least have some artistic quality to them.
"Tools of an Artist" - Digital Photograph
Jordan Sibayan - 2012
"Fountain Spout" - Digital Photograph
Jordan Sibayan - 2012

"Sunlight on Ripples" - Digital Photograph
Jordan Sibayan - 2012

"Mortified Corndog" - Digital Photograph
Jordan Sibayan - 2012
Click on an image to see it fuller and bigger.

I hope you all enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Nov 2, 2012

Note-Card Art - Round Numero Dos!

"Data Points" Jordan Sibayan
2012, Sharpie on Index Card
"Red Tree at Night" Jordan Sibayan
2012, Sharpie on Index Card

As promised, here is more "Notecard Art". Simple drawings created with sharpies. This time there a bit more non-objective, I feel.
Speaking of feel, I was in the hospital last month with a nasty bowel obstruction. All is well now.
Something to look forward too in the near future...some 16MP (megapixel) goodness.
Stay tuned.

"Opposites Separated" Jordan Sibayan
2012, Sharpie on Index Card

Oct 9, 2012

Note-Card Art

"Choo-Choo in Blue" Jordan Sibayan
Pen/Pencil and Sharpie on Note-Card, 2012
Creativity can strike at any moment. The past few weeks I've had note-cards and sharpies at hand just to do some quick works. These are just a few of them. I'll get around to posting some of the other, more abstract/nonobjective works at a later date. It is amazing though what you can do with a limited color range, I only had blue green red and a maroon/brownish color (along with black). Pencil and pen was also used.

"Two Cubes". Jordan Sibayan.
Pen/Pencil and Sharpie on Note-Card. 2012 
"Lady Pointing". Jordan Sibayan
Pen/Pencil and Sharpie on Note-Card. 2012.

Sep 28, 2012

Circles that are Spiraling Out of Control

For one reason or another, I find that I enjoy drawing spirals, and circular things in general. Whether it's because of me being wheelchair bound (circles everywhere) or my inability to draw a completely straight line without the use of a ruler, I just enjoy curved, spirally lines. They fascinate me.
"Spiral Room" Jordan Sibayan
Pencil, 2008.
"Circular Design" Jordan Sibayan
Photoshop, 2012

Sep 25, 2012

Non-Traditional Canvas

One day after a day in class, I noticed I had a bit of paint left on my pallet paper, so I decided to use it to good use. I completely painted this disposable coffee cup, and it turned something ordinary, extraordinary.

"Scene on a Coffee Cup" Jordan Sibayan
Acrylics, 2011
"Scene on a Coffee Cup" Jordan Sibayan
Acrylics, 2011

"Scene on a Coffee Cup" Jordan Sibayan
Acrylics, 2011

Sep 20, 2012

Non-Objective, Abstract and Observational Art

Here are examples of non-objective, abstract, and more realistic styles of drawing.

"Crayola Crayon Pad: Drawing 23"
Jordan Sibayan. Pencil and Crayon.
2000-2002 (around).
 This drawing, made with pencil and crayon, was found in one of my childhood drawing pads. It seems to be similar to a color wheel, yet not so.More often than not a non-objective piece of art has no set subject matter, and uses the bare elements of art, such as line, shape, value and the like.

"Weird Creature"
Jordan Sibayan. Pencil. 2009

This drawing is from a collection of graph paper pages, and I consider it to be abstract. Abstract art takes a subject and morphs or changes it enough to exaggerated features. Abstract art also mixes and matches different subjects, such as I have with this drawing.

"Sax Sketch Diary: Kangaroos"
Jordan Sibayan. Colored Pencil.
2007-2008 (around).

This drawing comes from a sketchbook I used during one of my high school drawing classes. I feel there are more than one name for drawings like these, such as observational or realistic, and they tend to replicate, as close as possible, the world around us, via the artist's interpretation

I chose these drawings to better explain the difference between non-objective abstract and observational art.

EDIT 9-28-2012
After referring some old art class notes, "observational art" should actually be representational art.

Sep 17, 2012

Drawing in the Morning

Reference Image

One morning during the summer, I woke up incredibly early. After reading for a while the sun started to come up. During the sunrise I saw the shadowing on the curtain in the sun room, it looked so interesting I had to try and capture that.
Here's what I came up with.

"Morning Leaves me Speechless", Jordan Sibayan,
Pencil and Crayon on Sketchpad,  2012

I've been starting to do more and more drawings based on the real world. I will post some soon, as most of them are in my sketchbooks, and I need to scan/take pictures of the pages.
Until Then.
- Jsib

Sep 14, 2012

Post #1

Hi everyone. This is Jsib here, formerly known as CNF hosting the Colbynfriends Blog, which I recently took down.. Times are changing and I felt like it was time for change.
I hope this new blog will allow me to be more expressive about my art, and dig a bit more into my personal life and where my artistic inspiration comes from.
I plan to write about my vast array of art, ranging from school projects, side projects, and other pursuits. I also will post images of my art, including traditional, digital, physical (sculptural), and 3D graphic based works.

"Colby and Kassi". Jordan Sibayan
Ms Paint. 2011.