Feb 18, 2013


Morning all. Just drinking my coffee.
Sort of like that.
I'm in the middle of creating a new site to discuss and showcase my work in 3D. As of now it's also called "J Sib Art".
Here's the link, check it out please.
J Sib Art | A multitude of multimedia art
Enjoy All.
- J Si...wait a sec.

Photoshop Design no. 16 - Jordan Sibayan
2012 - Photoshop.
In keeping with my love of circles and spirals I present this. Forever growing or shrinking? Who knows.

Until next time.

- J Sib

Jan 23, 2013

Object Arrangement

"Questionable Objects" - Jordan Sibayan
Photograph of Object Arrangement - 2013

I thought I would share a couple of images of arrangements I made out of everyday objects. I found these objects lying in a box in my desk and I just started moving them around and putting things together how I saw fit (no pun intended). From hair pins, to nuts, I used what I had.

Stay tuned for some cool Photoshop designs.

- J Sib.

"Objects in a Cluster " - Jordan Sibayan
Photograph of Object Arrangement - 2013